Broadway Market Takeout Menu

Take a look at what our menu has to offer at the Broadway Market.

Located at 999 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212.

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Daily Specials

Tuesday - Polish Taco Tuesday
$9.00 - $16.00

Grilled smoked kielbasa, crisp bacon, caramelized onions, Babcia's fresh barrel kraut & sweet & sour red cabbage, topped with our delicious horsey sauce & Weber's mustard, served in a warm, grilled naan bread. Served with a side of lazy pierogi.

Wednesday -Soup & Slider
$8.00 - $15.00

A bowl of Babcia's homemade soup & an old fashioned bbq burger slider, served with lazy pierogi, chips & a pickle.

Thursday - Polish Goulash
$9.00 - $16.00

Babcia's Polish Goulash- grilled smoked kielbasa, seasoned beef & macaroni, simmered in tomato sauce with peppers & onions & topped w/ cheddar cheese. Dinner includes: Polish Goulash, side salad & garlic bread.

Friday & Saturday - Polish Dinner
$15.00 - $28.00

Dinner includes: golumbki, smoked kielbasa, 2 farmer's cheese pierogi, sweet & sour red cabbage, rye bread & butter.


Breakfast Burrito - $7.00

Spicy egg & chicken sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, potatoes, tomatoes & chiles, wrapped in a cheddar jalapeno tortilla, served with salsa & sour cream.

Babcia's Breakfast Sandwich - $6.00

Egg & cheddar cheese served on a toasted bun, with your choice of chicken sausage patty or bacon.

Breakfast Combo - $9.00

2 eggs, home fries, toast & your choice of chicken breakfast patty, Polish sausage or bacon.

Breakfast Scramble Pierogi Breakfast - $9.00

2 of Babcia's breakfast scramble pierogi served with chili sauce & sour cream, home fries & your choice of chicken sausage patty, Polish sausage or bacon.

Sandwiches & Polish Goulash

Old Fashioned BBQ Burger - $8

Simmered in tomato sauce with peppers & onions. Served with chips & pickle.

Kielbasa Bomber - $10

Grilled smoked kielbasa, served with sweet and sour red cabbage bacon and honey mustard.

Polish Goulash - $7/small | $10/large

Smoked kielbasa & seasoned beef, simmered in a tomato sauce, w/ peppers & onions. Topped with shredded cheddar cheese.

Polish Taco - $11

Grilled smoked kielbasa,bacon,caramelized onions,kapusta & our fresh barrel kraut. Topped with our housemade horsey sauce & weber's mustard, served in a warm naan bread.


Traditional Trio - $9

One of each pierogi: farmer's cheese, potato & cheddar, kraut & mushroom. Served with caramelized onions & sour cream.

Farmer’s Cheese Trio - $9

3 farmer's cheese pierogi, served with caramelized onions & sour cream.

Potato & Farmer's Cheese Trio - $9

3 potato and farmer's cheese pierogi served with sour cream and caramelized onions.

Buffalo Trio - $9

1 of each pierogi: buffalo wing, beef on weck & stuffed banana pepper. Each served with it's own unique sauce.

Loaded Potato Pierogi Trio - $9

Topped with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese,& crisp bacon pieces.

Pizzarogi Trio - $9

3 pizzarogi, filled with cheese, sauce & pepperoni. Served with sauce & banana peppers.

Taco Trio - $9

3 taco pierogi, filled with seasoned beef, tomatoes, cheese & green chiles. Served with salsa, sour cream, Mexican blend cheese & shredded lettuce.


Potato Pancakes - $9

3 homemade potato pancakes, served with sour cream, apple sauce & bacon pieces

Sweet & sour red cabbage (Kapusta) - $5

Red cabbage cooked w/ bacon & onions.

Soup - $5/cup | $7/bowl

Ask about our soup of the day

Golumbki - $4

Tender cabbage stuffed with beef, rice and onions. Simmered in tomato sauce.


Cheesecake pierogi trio - $9

Sweet cheese pierogi, encrusted with graham cracker crumbs. Grilled until golden & served with your choice of cherry or blueberry topping.

Apple Pie a la mode - $9

Two Apple pierogi encrusted with graham cracker crumbs served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon sugar & caramel drizzle.

Frozen Pierogi

23 flavors of buffalo's premiere pierogi are available. All of our pierogi are made from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients. Pierogi come in frozen packages of 6. Receive a $2 discount when you purchase a dozen.

Farmer's Cheese - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Farmer's cheese & caramelized onions.

Potato & Cheddar - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Potato & cheddar cheese

Kraut & Mushroom - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Fresh barrel kraut with sautéed mushrooms & onions.

Kraut - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Made with our homemade fresh barrel sauerkraut.

Potato & Farmer's Cheese - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Potatoes, farmer's cheese & caramelized onions

Sweet Cheese - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Sweetened farmer's cheese & lemon zest.

Reuben - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Oven roasted corned beef brisket, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing & fresh barrel kraut.

Buffalo Wing - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Chicken breast, hot sauce, bleu cheese & celery bits.

Sausage Asiago & Spinach - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Chicken sausage, asiago & italian cheeses, ricotta, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, fire roasted tomatoes & fresh herbs.

Stuffed Banana Pepper - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Sauteed banana peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, & 5 cheese blend.

Bacon Cheeseburger - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Seasoned grilled beef, cheddar, bacon & your favorite condiments.

Taco - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Seasoned beef, tomatoes, mild chiles & cheese.

Potato Bacon & Chive - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Potato, bacon, cheddar, sour cream & chives.

Jalapeno Potato - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Potato, jalapeno peppers & white cheddar.

Breakfast Scramble - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Grilled hash browns, sauteed peppers, chicken breakfast sausage, eggs & cheddar.

Kielbasa & Kraut - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Grilled smoked kielbasa, fresh barrel kraut & onions.

Apple - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Delicious homemade apple pie filling. Just Like grandma made!

Potato Mushroom & Bleu - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Potato, buttery sauteed mushrooms & onions, crumbled bleu cheese & roasted red peppers.

Stuffed Mushroom - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

*Award winning. Fresh herbs, mushrooms,onions, baby spinach & red bell peppers, cheeses, with seasoned bread cubes.

Beef on Weck - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Shaved roast beef, mashed potatoes & a mild horseradish au jus.

Jalapeno Popper - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

*Award winning. Filled with roasted jalapeno peppers, fresh garlic & herbs, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese & real bacon pieces.

Pizzarogi - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

Tastes like your favorite pizzeria. Filled with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni & chicken Italian sausage.

Plum - $10/half dozen | $18/dozen

A seasonal favorite. Fresh Italian prunes, baked with fresh lemon & sugar.

From Our Deli

Your favorite polish comfort foods, sold by the pound.

Fresh Barrel Kraut - $5/lb

Classic Czarnina - $5/pint | $10/quart

Classic polish duck soup.

Homemade Soup of the Day - $5/pint | $10/quart

Lazy Pierogi - $6/lb

Made with our fresh barrel kraut, buttery sautéed mushrooms & onions & spiral pasta.

Kapusta - $7/lb

Sweet & sour red cabbage with bacon.

Potato Pancakes - $8/lb

Made with fresh, local potatoes.

Golumbki - $9/lb

Tender cabbage tolls, filled with seasoned ground beef, onions & rice. Simmered in tomato sauce.

Old Fashioned Bbq Burgers - $9/lb

Seasoned ground beef, simmered in a tomato sauce with peppers & on.ions

Babcia's Caramelized Onions - $5

The perfect companion for your pierogi!


Bottled water - $2.00

Add to your order.

Soda - $3.00

Choice of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

Coffee/ Hot Tea - $2.00

Enjoy a hot fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Hot Chocolate - $2.00

A sweet treat. Served with whipped cream.